Our Approach

Established in 1996 and reimagined in 2019. We are still the highest quality on the market with our Patented Unique Technology.

We are Veteran Owned and American made for 22 years! We are proud of our efforts and look forward to the many more years of dedicated service.

Our Story

We started our business in a small retail space of 100 sq. ft. with our patented product called Safety Grip, which was a Pool Safety Product. Since this product was seasonal, we needed a quality American Made Product to associate with the Pool Industry. We found a patented PVC Loop material that was perfect for Aquatic Mats. We also discovered that a logo process would be a Unique way for a business to showcase in a front entrance mat and have the longevity that comes along with it. We started to market our Designer Mats to many establishments with great success.

We then met an inventor of an Ultrasonic Cutting System designed for PVC and purchased the CNC Machine. We became close friends and started our climb to be the leader in the PVC Inlaid Logo Industry.